When I started my Furniture Design and construction course at the Nova Scotia Community College in 1993 it didn’t take long to figure out I wanted to build chairs. 

After graduating and getting into the grind of a job it took me about 4 years to finally put my first rocking chair together, Circa 1999.

As anyone who has ever attempted to build a rocking chair from scratch knows it is incredibly difficult.  This was my first attempt. 

It just so happened that an acquaintance of mine had a customer who wanted a dining set made. I contacted her and was successful in securing the job. I called my acquaintance Ian and said I had something for him at my shop. 

I had a table and this rocker sitting on my shop floor. I asked him which one he wanted. He was puzzled by the question and picked the rocker. I said it's yours and I thanked him for the nice commission he sent my way.  He was happy to get it and I was happy to get rid of it !! The next one would be much nicer.

After all these years I struck up a conversation with Ian and asked him if the chair was signed. He didn't know.

When I first started doing markets selling my wares, an antique guy approached me and asked if I signed my chairs. I said yes, he responded saying a signature adds provenance and value to the chairs when I'm gone. Ian called one day and said it was not signed. I would go and reluctantly see my first rocker.

As a perfectionist I was never happy with my first attempt at a rocker so was glad to get rid of it and never having to see it again. 

I went to see and sign Ian's chair and was pleasantly surprised to see it. I took this picture and now had to tell the story and add this to my website. I’m thinking now I want to build a new version of this #1. Who knows....by the way it is made out of cherry, the same as the dining set I mentioned earlier.

Bobby Grace Hardwood Chair
Bobby Grace Hardwood Chair
Bobby Grace Custom Bat Chair
Bobby Grace Hardwood Rocking Chair
Bobby Grace hardwood Settee

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Bobby Grace Hardwood Rocking Chair
Bobby Grace Hardwood Rocking Chair
Bobby Grace Mahogany and walnut chair
Bobby Grace Custom walnut chair with removable leather seat
Bobby Grace Hardwood Dining Chair

My First Rocking Chair


Bobby designs and makes all of the chairs in his workshop from locally-source woods with expert craftsmanship.

Bobby's chairs are in homes and on display across the globe, most notably in the Canada House in London, England. To see the story featuring the chairs, click here.

Bobby Grace Hardwood Rocking Chair
Bobby Grace Hardwood Chair
Bobby Grace Curly maple rocker with removable leather seat
Bobby Grace rocking chair
First Rocking Chair - by Bobby Grace
Bobby Grace Mahogany Rocking Chair

​​Bobby Grace - Woodworker